I have two projects that I am working on in my free time. I have GeoDroid which is just about ready for release. The real hold up there is waiting for paid apps to be allowed in the Android Market. I also have a game that I've only just begun. It's going to be a clone of CubeRunner for the iPhone. There are some bugs in Android's OpenGLES implementation that I am waiting on to finish that one up. I thought that I would have to finish one of those off before I started a new one, but I just couldn't help myself!

Just like any other gamer I wax nostalgic about my very first gaming experience and for me that on an Intellivision. My brother and I used to spend a great deal of time with game like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Dracula and Burger Time! Recently at the office someone passed around a youtube link to someone doing a speed run in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and that really took me back so I decided to make an Intellivision emulator for the Android OS. So far I have been working on getting the CPU emulation finished and working on some initial screen layouts ideas.

This is what I have worked out so far. The red box is going to be the screen that is going to display the game and the green box is for the buttons that are located on the side of the controller. I am going to have the option to put the controller on the left or the right, or to hide it all together and use the hardware buttons and trackball to the screen can be larger.

Once I finish the CPU emulation I can move on to emulating the graphics hardware, that's where it should get fun!

Casey Borders

Lead Developer

Pete Gordon

Lead Developer

Chris Flohr

Lead Developer