I am trying to get GeoDroid ready to hit the Android Market as soon as Google allows payed applications. There are just a few last minute issues to work out but while I was looking into those I saw that Last.FM was now available on Android. I have been waiting for a Pandora application similar to what is on the iPhone so I was very excited to try Last.FM since it seems to be a very similar service.

I signed up for an account and added bands to my library on their website and that all went very smoothly. After getting everything set up online all I had to do was fire up the application on my T-Mobile G1 and log in! All of the bands in my library and all of my settings were updated and I was ready to go! I spent quite a bit of time in my office playing music and browsing through the suggestions that Last.FM offered based on my library selections and I was quite impressed with the range of music available and how intuitive the interface was! At that point I gave Last.FM full marks and scratched the need for a Pandora application off of my list.

Over the weekend my wife and I were running around doing some errands and shopping and I decided to show off my new toy so I connected my phone to her car's stereo system and fired up Last.FM and waited... and waited... and waited for the first song to buffer. Once it finally started playing my wife asked me to skip that track, so I did and had to wait even more! Ten minutes later the second song had not begun and there was no option to stop or cancel the buffering so I had to shut down the phone to unload Last.FM.

It appears that Last.FM is a great solution if you are using it over wifi but becomes wholly unusable over an edge connection. This is extremely unfortunate since I planned on using it most in situations where there was no wifi available such as in the car or at the gym. The application itself is intuitive, the music selection is vast and the recommendations seen right on. If the folks at Last.FM can revamp their streaming protocols and make sure that everything works as expected on mobile networks then they have a winner but until then I'll keep waiting for a Pandora application.

Casey Borders

Lead Developer

Pete Gordon

Lead Developer

Chris Flohr

Lead Developer