qrcodeGeocacher is a full-featured geocaching program for Google's Android Operating System. It has the ability to load pocket queries and geocache files in *.gpx and *.loc formats and displays the caches on a Google map that supports map view, satellite view and street view. From the map view you can click on the geocache to any information available about the cache. From a *.gpx file you can get its full description including images just like you would see on the geocaching website and the logs of people who have found the cache before you. With a single click you can navigate to the cache using the internal gps on your device.

  • Load geocaching files in *.gpx and *.loc format
  • Display caches on a map
  • View the cache description
  • View the previous logs
  • Navigate to the cache
  • Sort caches by name, waypoint or distance

This application is coming to the Android Market this week and will be available for $15 which will include all future updates and bug fixes.

!!NOTE!! In order to load in geocaching files you will need a file browser, like the one listed here!

If you are having trouble using Geocacher check out these tutorials:
Geocacher Tutorial (Basic Members)
Geocacher Tutorial (Premium Members)

All geocache icons are copyright Groundspeak, 2009 and used with permission

Casey Borders

Lead Developer

Pete Gordon

Lead Developer

Chris Flohr

Lead Developer