There has been some confusion as to how to load geocaches into Geocacher, so I am presenting this step-by-step tutorial in order to eliminate some of the confusion. This tutorial is meant to show the options for Basic Members of If you have signed up for a Premium Account on then you should have a look at the tutorial for Premium Members instead.

Individual Geocache Files

If you have already found the web page for the geocache that you want to find you can get the geocache file for it simply by clicking on the "LOC Waypoint File" button. For an overview of the difference between these formats see the Geocache File Information page (coming soon). Now you can load the *.loc file to your SDCard card. For instructions on how to do that skip to the section labled "Loading files onto the SDCard."

Search Results

If you have executed a search then you can save the geocaches you want out of that search by checking the boxes along the right side and clicking the "Download Wapoints" button at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to download an *.loc file containing the information about the geoaches you have selected. Now you can load that *.loc file to your SDCard card. For instructions on how to do that skip to the section labled "Loading files onto the SDCard."

Note that you will need to click the "Download Waypoints" button on each page of the search results that contain geocaches that you would like to load onto your SDCard since the checks are cleared if you navigate away from that page. This results in multiple *.loc files that will need to be loaded onto the SDCard.

Loading files onto the SDCard

In order to load the files that you have obtained from onto your SDCard you will need a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. Once you have connected this cable you will see a "USB Connected" notification on your phone. Drag open the Notifications Windows from the top of the screen and click on the "USB Connected" notification. This will cause a dialog to pop up asking if you want to "Mount" or "Don't Mount."

Click the "Mount" button. This will cause a window to pop up on your computer asking how you would like to browse the content on the SDCard. Choose to open it in the File Explorer. Now you can create a folder on your SDCard to put your geocache files in. Now just select the geocache files and drag them into the folder on your SDCard. Once the files have finished copying, click the icon on the task bar and select "Safely Remove Drive." Once you see the dialog telling you that the media has been unmounted successfully you can unplug the cord from your phone.

Now you can go back to your phone and start Geocacher. Once it loads press the "Menu" button and select "Load Caches." This will open a File Browser and allow you to navigate to the folder where you have saved the geocache files.

Click on one of the files and it will load into Geocacher. You can repeat these last few steps for all of the geocache files that you have loaded onto your SDCard.

Casey Borders

Lead Developer

Pete Gordon

Lead Developer

Chris Flohr

Lead Developer