Android Developers Challenge

I have submitted my application to the Android Developers Challenge! Now I can tell you all about it! It's called Goings On! and uses the internal GPS and internet connectivity to find out what events are going on around you, no matter where you are in the world! It performs its search based on your preferences so that it only returns events that you would be interested in. you can check out the Goings On! page for some screenshots!

Nomad: A Poetry Collection

I just uploaded a new kind of application to the market. It's a collection of poems that were published by Corey Borders, a member of the Moo Productions team. The collection was published as a physical chapbook in 2008 and now it is an Android application. To check it out you can go to the Market and search "Nomad" or just follow this link on your phone.

Geocacher Cupcake Update

I have just uploaded a new version of Geocacher that has been updated to work with Cupcake. Included in this update are several bug fixes and enhancements.

Bug Fixes
There was a problem when marking waypoints that meant that you could only mark one at a time.
There was a bug in how the geocaches were stored that trashed the logs.

You can now load in the waypoints file associated with pocket queries
You can use the Linda File Manager to open *.gpx and *.loc files in Geocacher
You can now sort the cache list by found caches
I added a button in the About Page that links to the tutorials on this site.
I reorganized some things in the menus.

Geocacher Tutorials Online!

There has been some confusion over how to load geocaches into Geocacher so I have written a pair of tutorials that show how this works step-by-step. They can be found here:
Geocacher Tutorial (Basic Members on
Geocacher Tutorial (Premium Members on

Geocacher get a Facelift

My brother came up with a fantastic new icon for Geocacher and it hits the market today! Along with todays update there are several bug fixes and new features!

Crash on load geocaches when there is no file browser installed
Crash on search when there are no caches loaded
Crash that happened intermittently when loading caches
Crash on Sort by Distance if the GPS hadn't gotten a fix
Stale data in the speed and accuracy fields in the comapss

Loaded geocaches now persist through app shutdown
Added travel direction arrow to the compass
Added current position to the compass
Added Delete all option to geocache list

GeoDroid -> Geocacher

It turns out that there was an existing Android application called Geodroid, so I have changes the name of my project to Geocacher, it's not as snappy, but hey, at least it's not already taken! ;) The good news is that I found this out because the Android Market started accepting pay apps last week to be available this week! So the very first version of the newly christened Geocacher will be available for download in just a few days! In anticipation I have tweaked the Geocacher page and uploaded all new screenshots!

Casey Borders

Lead Developer

Pete Gordon

Lead Developer

Chris Flohr

Lead Developer